A Happier You.

Hi there!

So, I have come a loong way to get here…This idea was born in 2010 when I realised there was a need for more of us to enjoy more than life was offering. Working mums can relate with the arduous task of keeping both work and home life (and everything in between) on some sort of healthy balance.

The birth of our twins in 2009 began my own struggle to regain the sense of calm I had before or find something close. My foray into the world of quitting my job to stay home plus engaging domestic helps turned out to be a…. blessing.

There were the not-very-nice experiences, but that was as far as it got; because I was a stay-at-home mum.

However, not many can afford to stay home like I did. The consequence is

sleep deprivation, depression, ill-mannered kids, broken homes…

Let me know how I can help. Email me and let’s get started on the journey to a happier you.

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