6 things to remember before your baby arrives

Congratulations, mother! You’re closer to D-Day now. As you prepare to welcome your baby, take the following tips into consideration.

1. Get a lot of rest

During pregnancy your body repairs and reconditions itself when you sleep, this nestles the baby properly in your womb. That’s the same reason why bed rest is recommended when there’s a threat to you or your unborn child.

2. Vitamin up!

During pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding ensure to take the following supplements: Calcium tabs, iron, folic acid, Vitamin C, B complex tabs, cod liver oil capsules/ Omega 3 in Pregnacare. You may also take Paludrine on your Doctor’s prescription. Drink a lot of water and eat plenty of fruits and veggies, your baby’s skin will glow and be supple at birth.

3. Prepare for breastfeeding

Prepare your breasts ahead for the huge task of breastfeeding by rolling your nipples between your index finger and your thumb to toughen them especially during your bath time. Cleaning your nipples at least three times a week with olive oil and cotton wool will remove any dirt that may clog your ducts and descale your areolas.

4. Control your thoughts

It’s actually very easy for your mind to wander to the point where you begin to think that something may go wrong. Never think negative thoughts about your pregnancy. Lay your hands on your bump every day and pray for your child. Trust God and declare His promises all the time. If you feel like your baby hasn’t moved for a while (an hour or more), rub your bump with your hand till you feel some movement.

5. Kegel religiously

Remember to do your Kegel exercises. The easiest and most effective time to do this is during a pee. For lack of a better way to describe this exercise, try pausing/holding back wee for a few seconds after every release. Repeat until the wee is over. Do it every time you pee. Look up the benefits if you don not already practice this.

6. Remember Hubby

Don’t neglect your husband. During pregnancy, your husband sees your fuller breasts, softer skin and rounded figure as very desirable. Unfortunately even healthy pregnant wives are not available to their husbands either because their libido drops or because they don’t feel beautiful or because they are too tired or are not just in the mood.

Evidence suggests that it’s at this time most husbands first cheat on their wives. Men have to have sex to make them feel good you know.

So please wives, whatever sacrifice you need to make to keep your man sexually satisfied, especially when you are pregnant is nothing compared to the reward of peace in your home.

I know that there will be times when you really and truly can’t have sex, communicate this to him sweetly and apologetically, promising to make it up to him the next day or in the evening; but please let such times be very few and far between.

At such times, try using other means to satisfy your husband. It is better for him to go away half full than hungry. Try kissing him lavishly, going down on him, anything within your comfort zone; but please NEVER, EVER turn him away empty.

When sex is the farthest thing on your mind and you can tell that your husband has plans for you, take a minute to condition your mind, get in the mood mentally first and always remember that you are sowing seeds in your marriage that would help to keep it strong and unshakeable. Above all, remember it would only last a couple of minutes.

As often as you can, turn the tables around and be the charmer, the seductress and see how excited your husband will be to let you seduce him when he doesn’t want to have sex or he feels sex is the last thing on your mind ‘as usual’.

Enjoy sex with your husband until your show, or until your water breaks!

For more tips on how to make the best out of your thrilling 9 months, download Easy Ways to Thoroughly Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Childbirth by Dani Noggs for FREE.

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